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Hanging on the Cross: Earth and the Apple of Perception - An Introduction to the Unseen

Hanging on the Cross: Earth and the Apple of Perception

An Introduction to the Unseen

Reality and the way things work; it is easier to understand these things once we accept and acknowledge things we’ve chosen to overlook. Of course once we broaden our perception we will ultimately acknowledge how little we know at all.

* * *
In this article I will discuss my interpretations of what is generally referred to as quantum physics; truly I am relating science to our true spiritual reality.

If while reading this information it seems in-comprehensive to you then you should begin a detoxification program and pray regularly for understanding because the poisons of this world bind you tightly and limit you from spiritual growth. To prematurely disappoint the atheist: I apologize for your situation and inform you that without acknowledging the unseen you will understand naught and will perpetually undergo many hardships. The truth behind the aspects of God and reality and the way things work is not written on paper but in stone, and it like other works of fire is perceived as in-comprehensive babble until one is spiritually prepared to bask in its brilliance. If the light does not shine upon you, realize then it is a choice to step into it. Perhaps you find comfort in not perceiving the clockwork of heaven, and in that case you may not be meant to see behind the curtain.

For those that wish to press on know that you have taken a very big step. You have made a choice and petitioned a prayer; if not then none of this will make any sense. Reveal to yourself the humility of understanding and perhaps you can do great things with the groundwork I can layout for you. I humiliate myself and admit that my written words are trivial in nature and closer to babble than comprehension. I truly present to you only an idea and translate it the best I can for those with similar perceptions as myself. Yet I pray that all of mankind soon recognizes the face of God regardless of my interpretation. It is expected that each of us will do so in our own way, so take from me what you can and hopefully you can begin to see the unseen.

* * *
I will start by explaining from the ground up, from Hell to the Heavens; explaining the dance of what we call subatomic particles and how they only reflect the great works from up above. I will begin with the confinement of perception under the microscope, looking downward.

Think for a moment that there are indeed portions of an atom than what we know, not just the electrons, neutrons and protons, or what modern science has broken down into various phantom particles, but that the reality of it is: visible light itself is only a small portion of frequencies that we can perceive. Ergo, looking at the atom we can only see the small part of it that is within the visible spectrum. It is the smallest of things we can see under a microscope, but that doesn't mean it is a finite point of existence. We must get past that barrier of perception and understand why it looks like that in the first place.

Subatomic particles are perceived because they emit light, perceived measurable waveforms of light. What we should realize is that charge comes first and begets what we call waves. We have to redefine what exactly a 'wave' is. I can propose better definitions for its origin of charge such as electromagnetic plasma waves, or the word of God. It should be defined as a potential of all different frequencies or vibrations; since it comes first and begets all things it must also account for all possibilities. So it therefore should not exist only within the visible spectrum. This makes it clear that the movement of sub atomic particles, or anything on the perceived visible spectrum does not supply the unseen source causing existence of tangible atomic or subatomic structures. Therefore, particles cannot be used to define the causation of electromagnetic fields, but only used as signs to define the unseen dance that happens in the background.

Depending on which science we’re working with we use different units of measurement, unfortunately all derived from less than reputable standards. Modern sciences use something called wave measure ranging from short gamma waves to long sound waves, and as you can tell from the diagram below there is only a very small portion that is visible. However, don’t let perception of a bar graph stop your wonder. Ask now: What exactly are we measuring?

Visible light has wavelength in a range from about 380 nanometers to about 740 NM, with a frequency range of about 405 THz to 790 THz. The waves measured are graphed occurrences of intensity of magnetic field polarity over a perceived distance in time. Each occurrence of a waveform, or pulse of charge, is recognized as a single measure of Hertz, or beat per second.

Due to fluctuations in polarity it is probable that all waveforms are result of mingling charge rather than the pure form of it. Light traveling from our Sun through what we call ‘space’ cannot be perceived until it reacts with our atmosphere. Astronauts cannot see it or the stars until they have a variable of gases between themselves and the source of light. This proves that the source of light does not begin in anything tangibly measurable at all and is the result of a mingling of charges. Also showing how light behaves as both a wave and a particle, since it really is an unseen source that begets them both.

With that reasoning one would be wise to realize that following the path of an electron one cannot find its source by tracing it back from whence it came, and the same goes for electricity.

      In this image of a gas filled plasma ball a person is touching it with four of their fingers, the result is an arc of visible electricity. Contrary to what you may think, the source of charge resulting in this light show actually comes from a pairing of energies. Energy from the person who is touching the glass ball and the energy from the wall socket the ball is plugged into (amongst all other possible variable additions of energy). Modern use of electricity is actually a method of channeling or drawing in charge and acts as a girdle for charge to flow through. The vacuum of gas in the ball only allows for these charges to become visible, when in fact they are happening everywhere. Note the similarity of this event to the stars in the night sky; is it not imaginable that divine influence comes on to the vault or firmament of heaven just as this man’s fingers manipulate the plasma ball?

We know that the difference in the weight of items or an individual fluctuates at different points of elevation or altitude, and that cooking requires different methods in different climates as well. Obviously we use measurements that do not ring true as constants, plain and simple.

If anyone were to theorize that time, space, or magnetic field properties are not a constant then our entire measure of all things has no standard. Perceived light and sound could be on the same thread of gamma rays at a higher level above our heads, transmuted through what we call our atmosphere. If light can be refracted through the surface of water than why not through Earth’s atmosphere, which gradually increases in density, would not that provide a transmutation of waveforms?

Transmutation is indeed possible and it’s happening around us all the time. What exactly is transmutation? Transmutation is the variation of frequency or vibration of charge as it travels across space and time. This happens everywhere and is unseen and immeasurable. It is coded on every physical substance on Earth in the formation of their elements. For instance, a protein strand is a girdle of charge that varies in frequency from low on one end to high on the other; it successfully transmutes unseen charge. Though, you will never hear that from any reputable scientist, and no doctor can tell you the true importance of the collagen strand that makes up your bone structure. They do tell you that protein provides energy, but they don’t really know why. Transmutation remains an impossibility to modern science, yet it remains to be one of the biggest factors of our lives.

Modern physics is now noting that atomic structures are the result of phase conjugation, yet they propose it is the mingling of waveforms. What is phase conjugation? It is the combination of charges funneled toward another resulting in the presence of a physical substance, or matter. This is exactly what happens to form all atomic structures.
New uses of technology revolving around phase conjugation claim to employ the use of tangible holograms. Multiple frequencies are aimed at a single location to bring about these effects.

This image shows multiple waveforms spiraling into a nucleus. The theory is that charge transmutes conically meeting up with another transmuted form of charge to form an unending amount of possibilities in its center. Charge theoretically fizzles into every possible variance in the nucleus and ultimately fizzles back out the other end, and vice/versa depending on your perception of time and space.

The nucleus of phase conjugation and the nucleus of an atom are one in the same. Atomic structures are results of phase conjugation, unseen charges begetting matter. As are entire galaxies and heavenly bodies the result of this process, they too reflect measurable waveforms of conical charges meeting up. [This is what is called a church/ chakrah/ cup... etc...]

Going back to the visual of the plasma ball we can see how transmutation of charge can be affecting us on Earth.

Due to the unique capacitance of these devices we are able to witness events that are happening all around us yet we cannot see them. Red sprites form in conical dendrites siphoning into the blue arc of the miniature lightning bolts; this too is a transmutation of charge. It changes again under the dome of light formed around the torus in the middle of the globe set upon a miniature Tesla coil. Tesla coils are designed as transformer coils transmuting frequency of alternating current from low to high, or again vise versa depending on your perception of space and time.

This event shows the relationship our Earth has with all the heavenly bodies and the reality behind the aspects of astrology. We are indeed influenced by our heavenly watchers. The Sun also acts upon us in this way. Such charge emanating from them has also been referred to as water, or grace. [These heavenly waters are what I refer to as: invisible electromagnetic plasma/ aetheric energy/ dark energy/ the word of God.]

If standard units of measurement are based on a particular space/time attribute, and space/time itself transmutes miles above our heads, then the heavens themselves are a magnificent light show influenced from beyond a firmament and in no way measurable except by what we were informed by those from above. Just as one at the bottom of a canyon cannot properly perceive the acoustics of a person shouting from the top, we cannot perceive the true form of what lies above the Earth.

* * *
So we’ve successfully broadened our spectrum of understanding. We look under the microscope and see infinity, and we look through the telescope and see infinity. Now we realize there is an unending web of charge that attaches all of it together. Knowing that all things are connected, we can now begin to answer other questions as to why and how this happens by looking back at the original teachings to mankind. We can find these answers in the Bible, Torah, Qur'an or other works of fire.

Does the Star of David represent this modern theory of phase conjugation? I’d like to think so. I’d also like to entertain the fact that mankind knew the truth long ago and wrote it in the Bible, but I’m not going to say any one religion is correct. I’d like to think that the secrets to reality and the way things work is coded in every religion and aspect of spirituality. Any view that takes us beyond the limit of what hangs with us on the crossroads of perception and allows us to see a piece of what lies beyond the firmament of heaven is worthy of praise to he who sits upon the high seat.

The lord of hosts indeed works to fill every one of our cups on a constant basis and whatever we transmute that gift into emanates outward. Every thought and action is a prayer. Physical reality manifests due to charges of energy received. It seems only fitting we should take responsibility for our every deed as it works quite literally to shape the world we live in.

 * * *
 All matter is a conjugation, and the soul is tethered to sources causing this conjugation, allowing for free will and the measurable fluctuation of frequencies conjugating upon our bodies.
Once comprehended one will realize modern research in all fields will need redefinition; not necessarily recalculation but a need to re-attribute cause and effect in experimentation; if we acknowledge all the variables of our Earthly capacitance then our science should reflect their influence. We must take into account the elements composing the capacity in which reactions take place and relate the difference in behavior under radio frequency shielding and other variations of heavenly capacity. Knowing the aspects behind Earth’s and our physical body’s capacitance we will recognize the influence of the heavens and realize the link behind the density of ones bone structure towards their overall health. If you choose to open the door of your mind you will see what lies beyond the limits of perception and begin to trace back the unseen word of God.

Joseph Venné

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