Thursday, July 12, 2012

Predisposition of Faith

Science formulates a hypothesis as factual, based on current knowledge and understanding, even when there is no actual evidence to prove or disprove something; or even when commonsense tells them otherwise. The harm in doing this is that when someone does prove to the contrary, science would rather stick to its original statement in fear of discrediting someone. Science is about knowing the truth and should not worry about changing its mind when fresh facts are later discovered because this is not a failing; it's part of the learning process as we all try and evolve. Just because science cannot understand something or it contradicts current knowledge, it doesn’t make it untrue or should even be ignored; as much as they would like to at times. Scientists today worry more about upsetting someone’s opinion rather than discovering an understanding of the truth. This is partially because science today has prostituted itself to either a governmental, military or a commercial proprietor; sadly therefore science has to do what’s it’s told and not what it should be doing.

The predispositions I build my unified field theory around are drawn entirely from faith and religion. It is an honest standpoint I hope others can identify with. I find it more suitable than creating a white rabbit and following it down into an endless oblivion.
The foundation for all matter, dark matter, and whatever other names are given to all that we can see and not see, I believe, come from an unseen yet very familiar origin. I think that we have yet to witness and measure in all our known sciences a true cause to any effect, because all causes must originate from this unseen source.
This unseen and familiar source, being the origin of all matter and dark matter, all that which is seen and unseen may just as well be a divine source. A source all mankind has been driven to find throughout all of history. So, there is no reason it should not be applied to science and the quantum theories of today. To find God has always been our goal.
In order to understand this concept one must fathom the limits we have in our perception of light, sound, and all that is. All that we witness are but signs. These effects we recognize with our awareness are only a small portion we call matter. This is the truth behind what scientists are now calling dark matter.
For example, we have measured many frequencies of the invisible wave that range from the measure of sound to the measure of gamma rays. I believe however that we only measure the signs and not the actual unseen source that manipulates these things we call particles, waves, and various other names we've given to the many 'signs' we can only wintess within our limits of perception, and that the true underlying source of these 'signs' resonate on a scale relative to what we call frequency are invisible and give rise to the many things we witness.
From the tiniest observed particles under the microscope, to the grandest globules seen through a telescope, these 'signs' give witness to the unseen source that is the foundation of all that is.
Knowing that the source of origin for all matter, and dark matter is invisible, it gives great emphasis against the necessity to be searching for ever smaller particles. This unwarranted popularity of searching for ever smaller particles seems to be the most intrigueing field of research in physics today. The hunt for the Higg's particle, or 'God' particle, or whatever other theories are out there that all found themselves on visible particles in order to construct their various guidelines seems to me like a chase of a white rabbit, a red herring, and a path in the wrong direction. We know now that dark and invisible matter exists, so it is time for science today to start accepting the invisible foundation of reality.
Although it is not impossible that there are smaller particles to find, I believe they will only attribute to the larger in terms of their 'signage'. A substance can be defined by the dance of its molecules and elements in relation to all other substances known and their own molecules, elements, and particles within, but all we witness is this dance. We see this light which is measureable and we document it in comparison to all other lights and their particular dances. Yet, we do not have an underlying source of origin. So, therefore we do not yet have documented evidence of one single experiment that showed to us a true CAUSE. All we have are documented effects in relation to one another. If we begin to understand this it would greatly narrow our search for a single well established unified field theory.
One has to get spiritual to find the only true cause. Effects just spark other effects. Sentience is the only thing that is any different from that. The true cause is sentient manipulation. Either that, or like events in nature, what we witness is just a small piece of a mouse trap that got set off a while ago by something sentient and we just didn't realize it. Being sentient it is easy to forget that the I AM is in each and every one of us. And again one has to determine whether or not there is choice or everything is predestined. If everything is predestined than there was only ever one cause that would be similar to ideas such as the big bang, or a creator god snapping his hands or throwing up; but since I am Christian I know there is choice, therefor every cause generates from every decision (the cause literally takes place the moment of the conscious choice). So documented experiments must dig further than sectioning off the experiment to find the true cause. The true cause is not the isolated effect being manipulated or not, but the will that made the decision of putting the entire experiment into motion in the first place.
Personally, the most intriguing ideas I've come across are the works of Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, and currently the work of Dan Winter. There are concepts that utilize sound to manipulate matter, like resonant frequency therapy, cymatics, and levitation that I find to be much more worthy fields of research than the endless hunt for smaller particles.
All of these concepts lead me to believe that sound comes first, or at least has the most influence over the visible world we exist within. This idea of 'sound' exists before there is an observed charge, before the measure of the wave, before the electron or any particle, and until this specific low frequncy that is 'sound' resonates or conjugates its potential nothing is yet visible, and it exists first and formost.
It has been found that light has both the properties of a particle and a wave. I believe that this is because light, like 'sound', is invisible until it resonates or conjugates and gives rise to visible particles. It must therefore consist of the same hutspah that my description of this invisible 'sound' consists of. This theory has been entertained before and this 'sound' or charge of energy that begets all things has been called many things, one being plasma, another called aetheric wind, and yet another called spirit. Could it be that the attributes described in our Bible surrounding the Holy Spirit could actually define what scientists are now calling dark matter?
So far what we understand as sound, or what we measure as waves, is the one thing we should be looking further in to as being the invisible backbone that begits matter. It falls in line with several faiths as being the founding source of what is visible, and has proven to manipulate matter in the most profound and unexplainable ways.
I believe this concept can explain why some things have more mass than others. It should just have to do with resonance of frequencies and their accoustic effect upon one another. When two different notes are played at the same time we hear a warbling noise, acoustically created, and sounds a note directly in between the two notes that are really being played. This concept has recently been overlooked and perhaps forgotten, as singers today attempt to recreate this effect by warbling their own voice instead of finding the correct pitch to harmonize with their orchestra. This effect is what gives push to this new note and should also be what gives particles and their light, created by sound, their distinct mass and other attributes. The more sounds it takes to bring to light a certain particle, the more its mass as it is being pushed on by those many sources.
Why is this so? Because God spoke in order to give light. It is only fitting that sound be invisible and would give rise to all that we see. It is within this acoustically created harmony of the creator's holy breath which we all live, breathe, and have our image.

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