Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hawking’s Plausible Deniability / 3-15-2018 / The Ides of March

Amazon Alexa's word for today is 'Hawking Radiation'. This coming a day after the famous disabled celebrity’s death was Stephen Hawking’s crowning achievement, a theory that attempted to explain the dissipation of mass from black holes by predicting it occurred due to quantum effects near the event horizon. Today upon the Ides, I find it a suitable time for Hawking to settle his debts.

I look at this and just shake my head in pity. This is Hawking’s explanation for black holes losing their mass? It has no reference to the observed gamma jets protruding constantly, not only out of black holes, but out of every celestial sphere! Of course, his theory did come before their observation. His theory, now totally debunked, did at least motivate other persons to discover truth.

Thanks to the work of Harold Aspden, we know that most matter accumulates in the geometric corners and edges of the octahedral honeycomb of our universe. According to the work of William Tifft, most matter has its origin from the north and south poles of black holes. This manifestation is observed by not only the jets of gamma radiation, but quasars being literally birthed through these gamma jets from black holes and going out to spawn new stars. Quasars come from Black Holes. These are the seeds of creation, birthed by the lord of destruction.

Of course, the truth of birthed quasars from black holes is often refuted by ignoring the obvious fallacy of determining distance with microwave redshift values. The fact that redshift values are quantized due to the distance away from the center of any given galaxy is adamantly ignored. The Fingers of God effect is the explanation of the appearance of stars and finding everything points towards the observer. Modern scientists have yet to accept Hubble’s system of measuring distance as unreliable.

Research Hawking’s theories and compare them to other works from before his time like Harold Aspden and Halton Arp. Research the Thunderbolts’ Electric Universe Theory. Do a little dabbling in the works of Nikola Tesla, Daniel Winter, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife, Nassim Haramein. All of which are considered Fringe Scientists to the modern and accepted paradigm, but in their works are more pieces of truth than you’ll ever find in the books you’re handed in school. Take what they offer and add it to your inner encyclopedia of valid information.

Hawking spewed out some knowledgeable verbage, but like all misinformation artists, he refused to incorporate factual observations that invalidated their unified field theory. Einstein was wrong about the speed of light and relativity, Hubble was wrong about mapping distance, and Hawking was wrong about the loss of mass from black holes. I mean the list of those who decided their own reality and enforced it upon others goes ever on, myself included. But these guys, just like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye right now, made a heck of a lot of money by perpetuating what can easily be proven wrong, and did so and continue doing so long after it was proven wrong. I believe they do so unknowingly, because it is human nature to stick to your guns; to be stubborn, especially after a great achievement. ‘None but the truly humble want for recognition to be taken away.’ Unfortunately, in the peak of their careers these men continue to be behind their time, but their work does speak a language that continues to quell the minds of the masses.

Plausible Deniability, willful ignorance, we teach it in our schools. It forces a divide amongst people who see it the way they are told to and those who have opened their eyes to the light. A true Unified Field Theory to become fact is like proof of God. This is not allowed. Divinity must remain an enigma, and cannot be a forced knowledge. This is the decree in which Earth abides. Knowing the answers is great, but to spread truth is unacceptable. We must allow for each individual to get to that understanding upon their own free will and accord. Freedom only comes from the personal decision to stop worshiping idols and think for yourself.

Rest in Peace Stephen. You did your part. I’m sure you were given all the books of truth as soon as you entered the pearly gates and progressed to an immediate facepalm with your now fully functional hands. Please try to rain some of the knowledge down on those still hung up in the old ways and who are willing to see past the veil.

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