Tuesday, May 19, 2020

HCQ + Suppressed Cures + Exosome Theory

Today many studies proving the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine to treat people infected by the Coronavirus are being suppressed and denied, while the only study against its use was proven to be extremely bias as it was only used upon terminal patients. This suppression is nothing new to our health care system as it has done this sort of thing for at least the last 100 years.

Throughout all the ages there have been remedies that worked, and man didn't have the science to explain why. This century, however, has been something completely different, as our microbiologists discover these truths they become silenced. The truth about the exosomes that our bodies create on their own in response to an over-acidity is downplayed and resisted by mainstream science. The balance of salts within the body and a proper PH level to properly absorb nutrients is only presented as a recommendation in things like the food pyramid and displayed poorly in Nutrition Fact labels on our food products. With our modern diets, however, it's plain to see that hardly anyone gets enough magnesium and potassium. Little do we know the truths unearthed long ago that there are actually 12 essential salts that when regularly utilized remedy almost every ailment.

A simple form of ancient Ayurvedic medicine utilizes a tradition of burning sacred objects and applying them to the skin, (ashes/ bhasma), and also adding it to ghee and ingesting it. Often, fats or dough have been rolled in ashes and eaten in small amounts as a form of vitamin (Marie Antoinette). This ancient practice worked by fueling the body with these necessary tissue salts. A practice that is often frowned upon and dismissed as pica.

Tissue salts have long been approved by the FDA and are an over the counter homeopathic remedy for most diseases and is also a preventative. Like supplying the body with electrolytes for exercise, tissue salts do this and also fuel our cells for every function they carry out.

The term 'snake oil' is used as a euphemism to dismiss an item that has little to no real medicinal value. However, the likeness of this cure-all elixir inspired the use of omega-3 fatty acids. The quality of its other additives seemingly was forgotten.

Another suppressed cure, Royal Raymond Rife's resonant frequency therapy. This came about around when Rife proposed cancer was caused by small viruses that did not show under white light but only under certain spectrums, because white light, UV, destabilized it. He noted that all diseases seemed to have a pathogenic cause. This is what gave him the idea for resonant frequency therapy. Resonant frequency therapy applies electromagnetism to the body to destabilize and vibrate pathogens to death. Which is essentially what our white blood cells are capable of doing to invader pathogens. Rife was inspired by Nicola Tesla, when he did the same thing as he sat amongst his coils with lightning blaring all around him. Tesla made the claim that it healed all disease. Rife simply did this same thing but also found all the specific frequencies for each disease.

These and other homeopathic remedies are always downplayed by mainstream science and mainstream media. It is assumed this is because companies can't patent things found in nature or specific hertz frequencies. Trade secrets and patents are key to monopolizing an industry. Suppression of such knowledge seems necessary to grow rich, but it may be just because not everyone is capable on thinking on such multidimensional scales. However, it is much more financially beneficial to have full ownership of something that is proven to be useful.

To patent a drug or organism found in nature, it needs to be manipulated on a molecular level. Genetically Modified Organisms are all patented. GMO plants are claimed to grow better than God-given ones in certain environments. This patent-able GMO quality is also a hint to the truth of what has been going on for the past 100 or so years with viruses. Viruses have patents. Why? Because they're GMOs.

What are viruses? Viruses are animal exosomes that gained the lock and key ability to grow in other animals and humans. They don't synchronize with our cells the way our own exosomes do and they become a deleterious fibrous growth; a cancer. It is said that this mutation occurs naturally, but this has never been proven. It has only been proven to happen in gain of function experimentation where exosomes/viruses are purposefully manipulated.

It is presumed by virologists that exosomes/viruses mutate and jump from animals to other animals and into humans. Although as we read in books like The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, that human to human transfer of viruses has been attempted to be proven in experimentation many times and always fails. The concept of contagion is just a theory that has never been proven.

What has been proven is that when the body is too acidic and is in stress, it produces exosomes that carry excess acids out through mucous membranes.

The inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction test, the PCR test that is being used to diagnose Covid19, stated that the test was not to be used to diagnose a disease. What the test does is replicate exosomes/viruses found in mucous.

Diagnoses during this pandemic are being made when replication is made at a specific rate and verified at a specific time of that PCR test. If the test is allowed to replicate for too long, everyone will test positive for Covid19.

It can be assumed that all foreign and deleterious exosomes only come from man-made experimentation. Viruses seem to be the result of transhumanist experimentation which resulted in cancerous growths. The contagious quality of which is an enigma, as there is no studies to back it up. It is possible that as a response to these bioweapons vaccines were introduced to save us from them. It is also possible that vaccines are the only conduit in which these bioweapons are introduced. This is one of the main arguments of anti-vaxers that is always left out of the media. Although, despite anyone's alleged depopulation motivation, our health is always in our own hands.

Susceptibility to disease comes from one's state of health, that being their inner stockpile of mineral nutrients and their PH balance. Foreign pathogens can remain dormant within you until you are exposed to or undergo immune-suppressing circumstances that alter this balance.

The beauty of Hydroxychloroquine used with Azithromycin and Zinc, is that even dormant pathogens within the body are eradicated. This is no new method of combatting disease. To a practiced shaman, this drug combination can be seen as a high potential pine needle tea. Although this alone cannot make someone healthy if they lack the mineral base for their cells to carry out the necessary duties. Also, if they are isolated and out of sunlight then they will still have a hard time recovering even with HCQ Zpaks and Zinc. Drugs or supplements alone in a study prove very little when it comes to health as many variables come into play, like our emotional state that can determine specific hormones and enzymes to be produced and especially, environmental factors.

Like allergens that deplete certain nutrients, electromagnetic influences have been proven to deplete electrolytes faster within the body, so it can only be assumed that we need to readily reintroduce tissue salts to our system to regulate our PH and give our body what it needs to defend and heal itself. This is to say that all electrical technology does induce fatigue due to the depletion of salts, just as much as allergens do. This is easily remedied when the cause is known. The other major influence and possible cause in this health situation seems to be the solar minimum event in which our entire planet and every planet of our solar system is experiencing. As the sun isn't charging Earth's magnetosphere as much as it has before it is allowing an increase in solar radiation to affect us. This too can be remedied by taking salts and balancing the body's PH.

Everyone is always looking to point the finger and to blame others, but we have only elective ignorance and cognitive dissonance to blame for our global shortcomings. Things like our health and climate change have no business in trivial matters upon the Earth that push regulations, mandates, and control. People act upon their fears when their understanding of life is limited and linear.

The reality of our situation here on Earth is that it is multidimensional. We can't prove usefulness in a linear equation. We have to understand the quality of our ecosystem as a whole by understanding all the variables at play. The truth is, we have an abundance of everything we could ever need right here on Earth, we just need to remember once again how to use it.

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