Saturday, March 23, 2019

Chart of Consciousness

Chart of Consciousness,
as mapped by Dr. David Hawkins – Knighted under the Danish Crown. Also known as Sir Doctor Doctor, writer of Power vs Force.

According to Dr. Hawkins, the mind is 99% silent. Only 1% is talking.
The only reason we can communicate is because of the commonality of consciousness.

Enlightenment, 700
Peace, 600
Joy, 540
Love, 500
Reason, 400
Acceptance, 350
Willingness, 310
Neutrality, 250
Courage, 200
Pride, 175
Anger, 150
Desire, 125
Fear, 100
Grief, 30
Shame, 20

Dr. Hawkins put together a Chart of Consciousness that is very much like Royal Raymond Rife's understanding of electromagnetic frequency portrayed by our emotional states. Rife's frequencies pertaining to emotion ranged from the “elf's”, extreme low frequencies, to the upper expanded frequencies, all within or just outside the audible spectrum. From less than 20 hertz to over 20000.

Sound waves have shown to effect and align consciousness and emotion. Rife's work showed that extreme low frequencies effectively apply more influence upon the human body than the higher frequencies when applied to an individual, through direct conductive contact and through inaudible sound waves, due to the science of electromagnetic fields crossing and dividing into one another and changing the size and shape of DNA in the bloodstream to match that frequency and carry out duties associated with that size and shape, which is the ultimate cause of the detrimental symptoms of stress.

The chart Dr. Hawkins made, from the low calibration of Shame to the high calibration of Enlightenment, maps conscious energy on a graph from a fearful, suffering and contracted conscious state, all the way to the loving, expanded experience of ultimate consciousness.

In between these two polarized states of consciousness are the many experiences of conscious energy that we experience and that we also put out. These energies we subject ourselves to through others and our environment and can choose to harmonize with them. Also, we emit these energies from ourselves, through the aetheric and electromagnetic energy of our human aura; physically centered on the vibrations put out by the 7 layers of muscles around the heart that apply frequency to our DNA via this electromagnetic charge. Spiritually the center of this energy is our will, and the aura of the human being reflects this energy via the physical being in this manner; in terms of frequency and potential.

This understanding of consciousness goes beyond Freudian calibration, which caps its' understanding through psychological lens at 499. Freud's materialist logic denied him from tapping into the conscious field that connects all things. When that belief is denied to the individual psyche, then the world view becomes limited and higher experiences of the expanded consciousness are willfully denied.

Many have taken to using psychedelics to raise their calibration of consciousness. Physical substances have resonant frequencies, that when ingested, inhaled, or applied to the body in some way shape or form, apply their influence to alter the state of human consciousness. This is an external application our conscious experiences for only that brief period of time in which the physical substance lasts.
This is also how food works, and all experience of physical things. Frequency is applied to the physical body and the consciousness inside reacts with it. Whether or not it is harmonized with depends on the output of the will of the individual interacting with the input of physical experience. Perception of conscious experiences, and the experiences of our entire life as an individual, are always unique due to that interaction.
Through meditation alone one can willfully raise their calibration, or frequency of conscious energy. Such proofs of this are recognized in the ancient art of kundalini yoga, dao breathing exercises and endless mystic and religious arts that focus on consciousness being emitted from within. Through this truth, tradition and ritual has been created and followed in our religions and our cults to remember this ancient art. Through personification of powers and allegorical tales these truths have been maintained in all the languages of mankind. In all creation myths and all apocalyptic end world myths, the Alpha and Omega states of consciousness are portrayed and referenced to for our benefit. Understanding of these works are meant to be understood literally in this metaphysical sense.

This chart of consciousness, is nothing new. It's just a new age re-imagination and portrayal of the tree of life. It is the same thing as Jacob's latter. It is the tree of life and knowledge. Its' inner-workings have been epitomized in the mystic works of the many three pillar systems, such as the Chakras of the body or Sephiroths of the Kabbalah. It is reflected in the realms of Yggdrasil or the cities of heaven and hell. It is reflected in the physical earth and the physical heavens as much as it is referenced allegorically throughout the ages. Astrological mappings of consciousness in the Zodiac reflect a chronological application of physical frequencies of energies applied to the masses throughout time and space.

Through this new age understanding of old world teachings more people are brought to the light of truth.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Jues who are not Jues

"Jues who claim to be Jues but who are not Jues"

This Biblical reference most think refers to possibly the Ashkenazim Jews who are of the 13th tribe of Israel. They're the non-semetic Israelis who take up more than 95% of the population of known Jews today; however, this is not what the Biblical reference is referring to!

In many mystic cults, the term 'Juwe' is referring to one who is spiritually dead. This would be the same reference of 'dead' as the Egyptian book of the Dead; those who we call today, asleep, or un-awakened.

In freemasonry, the sublime degree of Master Mason, the figure standing in for the Grand Master of King Solomon's Temple is assaulted by three ruffians who demanded the word of a Master Mason. These three ruffians are known as 'Jues'.

This is what Jack the Ripper was referring to in his Goulston Street graffito: "The Juwes are the ones that will not be blamed for nothing". As he mimicked the ancient penalties known in mystic cults upon those he deemed spiritually dead.

In the Master Mason ritual, the Master refuses to give the word of the Master Mason to the ruffians; for the reason being that they have not yet found that word within themselves. In their ignorance they murder him and they believe the word to be lost forever. The word of a Master Mason, and the Revelation we must have as individuals, or an Apocalypse, is the lifting the veil of ignorance that awakens us to the understanding that we have had access to divinity within our conscious center the entire time. We dip our robes in the blood of the Messiah and they are made pure once again. The Messiah, of course, is the Crown seat of the Kabbalah where this understanding is made.

... So then, when the mystic understanding is applied, we understand that the 'Jues who are not Jues' are actually the spiritually awakened people who still call themselves Jues. This comes from the Abrahamic religions' misunderstanding of the Old Testament to follow in the footsteps of Jacob who in his stubborness refused to part from his earthly possessions to cross a river, and a Jehovah, or Shivoham-type Elohim, or high-priest, thought to wrestle with him because he would not learn from this life lesson. The figure that wrestled Jacob was Elohim, and they were Angels indeed, physical men who ascended to divine wisdom and were graced with spiritual gifts; and they still exist. This particular Elohim performed wonders. Jacob's stubborness and addiction to materialism earned him the title "Israel", dubbed upon him by this Elohim; 'isra' meaning against, 'el' meaning the elite, the Elohim.

So when the Bible refers to a time when the Jews will inherit the earth, it refers to the downtrodden folk who forget they are made in God's image, wielding their spiritual power unwittingly without knowing that they have it. Overcome with physicality as an overwhelming power outside ourselves we struggle and develop scientism as a means to operate within the reality we've constructed for ourselves. Like Daedalus we find ourselves lost within the maze we ourselves created.

We must look at things in absolute brightness in order to reach divine wisdom. We always have the ability to interpret all things that were once labeled mysterious and decipher their meaning once and for all.

We can let go of titles that we once thought of in high regard, and see them for the stepping stones that they are. We were fooling only ourselves. What was once a necessary step along the journey was never actually the pinnacle. We are the lowest and the highest at the same time and should be humble enough to treat others the same.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Fear is learned. It is when we decide to acknowledge power outside of the self. While the true 'Lord of hosts' is the conscious center... you.

'Sacrificing to false gods' is the same as worshiping a man long ago and far away or in the clouds, intangible and unreachable yet omnipotent.

Fear is the creation pushing back upon us for placing that energy outside of ourselves. The wheel of fortune and karma are just reciprocating energy of what we ourselves put out already. Archons. False gods. 'Demon'-strators. Lightbringers.

Divide and conquer; because in order to rule over others you have to take their power away by persuading them to willingly place that power outside themselves. 'Fear the thing.' 'Worship the thing.' 'Obey he who speaks for the thing.'

It's no wonder that this truth is the most controversial piece of information throughout history in which many prophets of it were murdered and continue to be murdered.
People won't accept it; the fact that they themselves were in control the whole time.

"my father in heaven is perfect"-translation of Yeshua Cristos, the Gnostic Essene priest who spoke of the hidden God of Gnosticism as well as the Jehovah god of the earth. Two entirely different concepts, mistranslated; just as Brahman and Shiva. The Old and New Testament contradict each other... this should not be news to anyone.

Feel it and weigh the information on your heart.

We were taught to fear God, to fear everything in this world. Our pastors have a hard time explaining the Old vs New Testament. Jesus came to us to reestablish our relationship with God. He came not to correct God's opinion of us, but to correct our opinion of God. It's because we once deemed God to be angry and punishing, that we used that relationship with him to make it so. God did as we asked, as his nature is loving and accepting of all things.

People don't fear-monger on purpose. They believe it to be the best path... and it is. If you don't understand it yet... you must suffer in order to figure it out. Usually, it's the one who is administering punishment who must be forgiven in order for them to move on from their state. "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Also, why bow down to the guy who told them the same thing I am saying, even though he specifically said, "don't bow down before me!" We have to redefine what worship and adoration truly is.

... The information is right there for everybody to interpret... it's pretty much in your face everywhere in the world that you look. But in order to come to that understanding, that Gnosis, you gotta suffer a bit to feel that pushback. Then when it smacks you in the face and you try to share it with the rest of the world you experience the prime directive or the allegory of Plato's cave (Plato's cave interpretation found in Apple of Perception.) This knowledge can't be shared no matter how hard you try. Individuals must learn it by themselves.

This concept caused a major schism of initiates of this divine knowledge. Those that share openly, and those that mask truths so that individuals find their own way. Lemurian vs Atlantean philosophy. Melkezadek vs Aaronic. York vs Scottish Rite. East vs West. Republican vs. Democrat. The cause of most war isn't this schism... it's those who lack the knowledge and live and act in fear.

Fear controls you, but you control your fear.

Chart of Consciousness

Chart of Consciousness, as mapped by Dr. David Hawkins – Knighted under the Danish Crown. Also known as Sir Doctor Doctor, writer of Po...