Friday, March 15, 2019

Jues who are not Jues

"Jues who claim to be Jues but who are not Jues"

This Biblical reference most think refers to possibly the Ashkenazim Jews who are of the 13th tribe of Israel. They're the non-semetic Israelis who take up more than 95% of the population of known Jews today; however, this is not what the Biblical reference is referring to!

In many mystic cults, the term 'Juwe' is referring to one who is spiritually dead. This would be the same reference of 'dead' as the Egyptian book of the Dead; those who we call today, asleep, or un-awakened.

In freemasonry, the sublime degree of Master Mason, the figure standing in for the Grand Master of King Solomon's Temple is assaulted by three ruffians who demanded the word of a Master Mason. These three ruffians are known as 'Jues'.

This is what Jack the Ripper was referring to in his Goulston Street graffito: "The Juwes are the ones that will not be blamed for nothing". As he mimicked the ancient penalties known in mystic cults upon those he deemed spiritually dead.

In the Master Mason ritual, the Master refuses to give the word of the Master Mason to the ruffians; for the reason being that they have not yet found that word within themselves. In their ignorance they murder him and they believe the word to be lost forever. The word of a Master Mason, and the Revelation we must have as individuals, or an Apocalypse, is the lifting the veil of ignorance that awakens us to the understanding that we have had access to divinity within our conscious center the entire time. We dip our robes in the blood of the Messiah and they are made pure once again. The Messiah, of course, is the Crown seat of the Kabbalah where this understanding is made.

... So then, when the mystic understanding is applied, we understand that the 'Jues who are not Jues' are actually the spiritually awakened people who still call themselves Jues. This comes from the Abrahamic religions' misunderstanding of the Old Testament to follow in the footsteps of Jacob who in his stubborness refused to part from his earthly possessions to cross a river, and a Jehovah, or Shivoham-type Elohim, or high-priest, thought to wrestle with him because he would not learn from this life lesson. The figure that wrestled Jacob was Elohim, and they were Angels indeed, physical men who ascended to divine wisdom and were graced with spiritual gifts; and they still exist. This particular Elohim performed wonders. Jacob's stubborness and addiction to materialism earned him the title "Israel", dubbed upon him by this Elohim; 'isra' meaning against, 'el' meaning the elite, the Elohim.

So when the Bible refers to a time when the Jews will inherit the earth, it refers to the downtrodden folk who forget they are made in God's image, wielding their spiritual power unwittingly without knowing that they have it. Overcome with physicality as an overwhelming power outside ourselves we struggle and develop scientism as a means to operate within the reality we've constructed for ourselves. Like Daedalus we find ourselves lost within the maze we ourselves created.

We must look at things in absolute brightness in order to reach divine wisdom. We always have the ability to interpret all things that were once labeled mysterious and decipher their meaning once and for all.

We can let go of titles that we once thought of in high regard, and see them for the stepping stones that they are. We were fooling only ourselves. What was once a necessary step along the journey was never actually the pinnacle. We are the lowest and the highest at the same time and should be humble enough to treat others the same.

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