Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Fear is learned. It is when we decide to acknowledge power outside of the self. While the true 'Lord of hosts' is the conscious center... you.

'Sacrificing to false gods' is the same as worshiping a man long ago and far away or in the clouds, intangible and unreachable yet omnipotent.

Fear is the creation pushing back upon us for placing that energy outside of ourselves. The wheel of fortune and karma are just reciprocating energy of what we ourselves put out already. Archons. False gods. 'Demon'-strators. Lightbringers.

Divide and conquer; because in order to rule over others you have to take their power away by persuading them to willingly place that power outside themselves. 'Fear the thing.' 'Worship the thing.' 'Obey he who speaks for the thing.'

It's no wonder that this truth is the most controversial piece of information throughout history in which many prophets of it were murdered and continue to be murdered.
People won't accept it; the fact that they themselves were in control the whole time.

"my father in heaven is perfect"-translation of Yeshua Cristos, the Gnostic Essene priest who spoke of the hidden God of Gnosticism as well as the Jehovah god of the earth. Two entirely different concepts, mistranslated; just as Brahman and Shiva. The Old and New Testament contradict each other... this should not be news to anyone.

Feel it and weigh the information on your heart.

We were taught to fear God, to fear everything in this world. Our pastors have a hard time explaining the Old vs New Testament. Jesus came to us to reestablish our relationship with God. He came not to correct God's opinion of us, but to correct our opinion of God. It's because we once deemed God to be angry and punishing, that we used that relationship with him to make it so. God did as we asked, as his nature is loving and accepting of all things.

People don't fear-monger on purpose. They believe it to be the best path... and it is. If you don't understand it yet... you must suffer in order to figure it out. Usually, it's the one who is administering punishment who must be forgiven in order for them to move on from their state. "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Also, why bow down to the guy who told them the same thing I am saying, even though he specifically said, "don't bow down before me!" We have to redefine what worship and adoration truly is.

... The information is right there for everybody to interpret... it's pretty much in your face everywhere in the world that you look. But in order to come to that understanding, that Gnosis, you gotta suffer a bit to feel that pushback. Then when it smacks you in the face and you try to share it with the rest of the world you experience the prime directive or the allegory of Plato's cave (Plato's cave interpretation found in Apple of Perception.) This knowledge can't be shared no matter how hard you try. Individuals must learn it by themselves.

This concept caused a major schism of initiates of this divine knowledge. Those that share openly, and those that mask truths so that individuals find their own way. Lemurian vs Atlantean philosophy. Melkezadek vs Aaronic. York vs Scottish Rite. East vs West. Republican vs. Democrat. The cause of most war isn't this schism... it's those who lack the knowledge and live and act in fear.

Fear controls you, but you control your fear.

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