Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Apple of Perception

Let me explain the most important piece of information you'll ever know as simply as I can:  
Everything is consciousness

Like a tree with many branches, many leaves and flowers, consciousness permeates all, and yet all our range of perception allows for us to perceive is but the fruit of that tree.

This conscious energy travels in many different patterns throughout the known universe and more so in the unknown omniverse. It makes up all that which is seen and unseen. What we know as 'three-dimensional' is the 'matter' that we see, touch, and hear every day of our physical lives. This physical manifestation of conscious energy is the fruit of the tree of life and knowledge, a mere portion of all that which is, which is what I have come to call:
The Apple of Perception.

The three dimensional, though very much real, is not finite, and is completely dependent on the covenant it shares with all eternity. From this given constant we can confirm that all the occurrences of the celestial bodies that make up our physical heavens, and all that happens here on Earth, are mirrors of the conscious changes that permeate all of existence, conscious energy that has become manifest. As above, so below.

This is the message that is at the root of all religion and spirituality.
We are one.

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