Thursday, January 16, 2020

#1 Thing to Know

The first thing we should understand about this Earthly world is that it is perfect.

At first, this may sound ridiculous. We immediately query this notion in a sense of denial and ask, "How can this world be perfect? With all the obvious flaws and detriments to nature, spirit and our health, etc. etc? Clearly, this place is a place of suffering and learning and far from perfect." However, it is because this Earthly realm is a place of suffering and learning that it is perfect.

It is our own personal choice within our minds to deem something imperfect or detrimental, just as much as it is our choice to accept all things to be God's will, and therefore entirely perfect. It is when we pull back the curtain to the kingdom of heaven within ourselves and realize it is a font of love and acceptance, unpolarized, that we finally understand this ancient mystery.

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